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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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world." We had not meant to introduce Alcyone to
the worlds; we had not thought it desirable that a
mass of thought should be concentrated on a boy of
thirteen, who stiJI had his education before him.
But in the Occult world we do what we are told, and
so this book was put into the printer's hands the
following morning.

All the things we expected from undue publicity,
and more, came about; but still the Lord Maitreya
was right, and we were wrong, for the good that was
done by that book far outweighs the trouble it brought
to us. Numbers of people, literally thousands, have
written to say how their whole lives have been
changed by that book, how everything has become
different to them because they have read it. It has
been translated into twenty-seven languages. There
have been some forty editions of it, or more; over a
hundred thousand copies have been printed. A wonder-
ful work has been done by it. Above all, it bears that
special imprimatur of the Coming World Teacher,
and that is the thing that makes it so valuable—-the
fact that it shows us, to a certain extent, what His
teaching is to be to a certain extent.

• Now, I wish to take this little book and go through
it with you, sentence by sentence, and as we go.through
it we will try to note the points where His teter-
pretation differs from that of His Predecessor, the
Lord Buddha. For it is the Lord Buddha's inter-
pretation that you have in the Hindu and Pali books.